Our priority: your success

Recognition and support
Adapted working conditions
Work-life balance
Professional development
Solutions for retaining high potentials and employees with a strong corporate culture
Positive dialogue with employees and the CSE

How we work with you

We work with you to understand your needs

Getting started: assessing and understanding needs

We start by working closely with your leadership, managers and teams to understand your specific needs. We carry out an in-depth assessment to identify areas where we can add value.

Estimating shortfalls and risks

Our team carries out an in-depth analysis to assess potential gaps and risks in your human resources management. We validate these results with you, taking into account your objectives and constraints.

Offering solutions and creating action plans

On the basis of our assessment and estimated shortfalls, we draw up a customized solution offer. Our 1 Flame HR team presents you with a detailed action plan, specifically designed to meet your needs and achieve your goals.

Implementation of the action plan

Once the action plan has been validated, we work closely with your teams and identified champions to implement the planned actions. We provide comprehensive support throughout the process, ensuring that every step is properly implemented.

Resolution with control period

We also ensure rigorous monitoring of action plan implementation. Our team, in collaboration with your teams and champions, carries out periodic checks to assess progress and make any necessary adjustments. Our aim is to ensure that the solutions we put in place produce the desired results.

Our approach to candidates and employees

We work with candidates/employees to find solutions.

Understanding appetites

We place great importance on understanding the professional aspirations and skills of each candidate. Our 1 Flame HR team carries out an in-depth professional assessment in collaboration with the candidate.

Skills assessment

We carry out a thorough assessment of each candidate's skills. Thanks to our expertise, we are able to identify each individual's strengths and areas for improvement. This assessment enables us to make recommendations and suggest avenues for professional development.

Market needs

Our team keeps abreast of the needs of the job market. We monitor trends and developments to be able to advise candidates on the opportunities that best match their skills and career aspirations.

Future of Work

We also conduct in-depth research into the "Future of Work". This expertise enables us to inform candidates about the key skills and knowledge that will be in demand in tomorrow's professional world. We help them anticipate change and prepare for future opportunities.

Resolution with control period

We follow up regularly with each candidate to assess the progress of their professional development. Our team, in collaboration with the candidate, carries out periodic checks to ensure that the planned actions are being implemented, and adjusts the procedures if necessary. Our aim is to proactively support candidates in their professional development.