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1 Flame HR offers you a network of experienced HR professionals with a diversity of experience in all areas of HR, as well as highly adaptable slashers.

People and the “future of work” are our DNA.


HR Expertise, Flexibility and Pioneering the Future of Work

Welcome to 1 Flame HR, your network of human resources professionals with a wide range of expertise in all areas of HR.

We’re also highly adaptable slashers, ready to take on any challenge. Whether you’re looking for interim staff at all HR levels, qualified and experienced consultants with a multicultural approach or a restructuring consultancy, we’re here for you.

As well as speaking several languages, our team is a pioneer in the“Future of Work”.

We are freelancers with diverse and complementary skills, from HR, consulting, finance, entrepreneurship, training, performing arts and much more.

We live our passion without geographical boundaries, putting people at the heart of our approach. Discover our HR outsourcing services, with a highly skilled and adaptable team to meet all your needs, from HR support and diversity and inclusion consulting to executive coaching and leadership training.

With 1 Flame HR, every need has its own dedicated freelancer, for immediate project start-up and unrivalled flexibility.

Our services

Outsourcing services

Our independent experts can provide you with the HR services you need

Support for your HR functions

(HR assistants, HR project managers, HR managers, HR directors, etc.)

Executive coaching

individual and team (retention, commitment)

Restructuring and growth consulting


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1Flame HR

Why trust us?

A network of HR professionals with varied experience in all areas of HR, as well as highly adaptable slashers
Transitional HR staff at all levels
Qualified, experienced professionals with a multicultural approach

Languages spoken: English, Spanish, Italian, German, Russian, Catalan

A restructuring consultancy (PSE-PDV-RCC)
Support for growth
An agile, high-performance ecosystem

Ready to transform your business?

Our network is there to support you in your HR projects.