Our network of consultants

We have a team of qualified and experienced consultants, ready to meet all your needs with a fast start-up. Here are a few examples of our most experienced consultants.


With over 20 years’ experience in restructuring, business creation, training, coaching and communication services, P.V. has worked for LHH, Aksis, Oasys and others in the following sectors: transport, agri-food, consumer goods. Languages spoken : French, English


33 years’ experience in restructuring, outplacement, coaching, MBTI and skills assessment. She has previously worked for Aksis, Alreph NetExpat and in the following sectors: non-profit organizations, public affairs, agri-food, beauty, oil and gas.

Languages spoken : French, English, Spanish, Catala


20 years’ experience in communication, team building, onboarding, engagement and outplacement. C.M. has worked for LHH,  Right Management Lattitude RH and Tingari.

Sectors: Pharmaceutical industry,

consumer goods, textiles, transport, fast food. Languages spoken : French


20 years’ experience in outplacement, skills assessment, coaching and training. A.S. has worked for LHH, Alixio, Aksis and Right Management Business sectors: Aerospace, aviation, consumer goods, entertainment, catering. Languages spoken : French, Italian